▶ Manufacture

We’re assembling all the key parts of the mechanical, electrical and electronic systems of boarding bridge. AG’s factory is fully employed and our manufacturing capacity can keep pace with your demand.

▶ Assembly

The manufacturing factory is equipped with crane, jig and spot-welding machine for accuracy and standardization of boarding bridge and moreover we have the capacity to control all manufacturing processes in our factory.

▶ Transfer

Manufacturing quality, of the highest standards, is guaranteed to meet the severe continuous wear conditions associated with boarding bridge operations at international airports. All main components and subassemblies are carefully tested and inspected before boarding bridge leaves the factory.


Our reliable transportation partner ensure the transport procedures are carried out in a efficient and safe method. The packed shipments will be loaded by crane and conveyed on the low-bed trailers with non-vibration and anti-distortion system to the seaport.

Universal Boarding Bridge

1. Moving Rotunda Column

PBB can park all of Airplane type using this device(4m,6m).

2. System Air-conditioner

This system can maintain the same heat and cool for inner parts of PBB

3. None step Tunnel

A handicapped person can go through tunnels without any trouble

4. Rain Drain(out side)

A handicapped person can go through tunnels without any trouble

5. Window Type Cabin

The wide view

6. Slope device for a handicapped person

The careful concern for a handicapped person