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Company History



    09. Established AG Co., Ltd.
      Registered factory (JIG equipped for boarding bridge)


    03. PBB Installation at Turkish airport (1 unit)
    06. Selected as a win-win growth company by Korea Airports Corporation
    09. Purchased 9,900㎡ of Cheonan factory
    11. PBB Installation at Gimhae Airport(3 unit). (Applying stepless development product)
      PBB Installation at Bucaramanga Airport and Cucuta Airport in Colombia(6 unit)


    02. Developed Up-Down Rotunda Column
    05. KAC / AG consortium installed PBB at Turkish airport(1 unit)
    06. Maintenanced PBB at Gimpo Airport (Including installation)
    07. Rotunda Installation at Cheongju Airport
    09. PBB Installation & Replacement at Gimhae Airport(4 units Installed, 6 units maintenance )
      PBB Installation & Replacement at Gimpo Airport(4 units Installed, 7 units maintenance )


    01. PBB Installation at Santa Marta Airport in Colombia(2 unit)
      PBB Installation at Santa Marta Airport in Colombia(6 unit)
    04. Gold and Special Award at the Geneva International Invention Fair
      Signed a performance-sharing agreement with Korea Airports Corporation for exporting new technology products overseas.
    06. PBB Maintenance at Gimpo Airport


    04. PBB Maintenance at Pohang Airport
    06. PBB Installation at CheongJu airport (1 unit)
      Technology Transfer Agreement with Iran (TMB)
    07. PBB Installation at Mongomiyen airport in Equatorial Guinea (4 unit, Ssangyong Construction)


    04. Established and certified R & D TEAM
    05. PBB Installation at JeJu airport (4 unit, Kumho Construction)


    04. Certified as a venture company


    06. PBB production cooperate with TRA(Daegu Airport Project)
    12. PBB Installation at Metcana airport in Colombia (4 unit)